The Powerful Leader Experience

"To Transform The Lives Of Others, We Must First Transcend Ourselves."


All-In, Immersive 5-Day Retreat

From the second the helicopter drops you deep into New England gorge country, through the rigorous personal, physical, emotional and spiritual transformation of these intensive 5 days, we guarantee only 1 thing: 

Discover Your Own Personal Mt Everest

It's easy to overcome 'Limiting Beliefs' (says every self-help expert on the planet). 

Except when those limiting beliefs are our own.

To the person experiencing this belief, it is a mammoth task that most spend a lifetime unable to conquor... unitl now. 

You'll discover exactly what they look like for you (hint: a blanket fix never works), & develop your personal, unique tools to conquor them... forever!

The 'Lift As You Climb' Success Paradigm

Catch yourself in those low moments, comparing yourself to those who seem more 'successful'. 

This is scarcity based thinking which we all succumb to from time to time. 

In this module we'll create a blueprint to guarantee your success (be it financial, relationship or any other area) through abundantly creating it for others. 

This module changes lives and creates your legacy.


Alter The Course Of Any Conversation

The art of influence is the most powerful tool in your arsenal...

Especially when it comes to facing difficult conversations, confrontation or even to simply raise the quality of a chat into a resourceful, useful conversation. 

We will blueprint, practice and then rehearse conversations of charismatic influence

Conversations that will forever change the way you negotiate deals, handle confrontation and empower others.


Develop Your Leadership Archetypes

What type of leader are you? 

Do you develop your leadership style consciously or' go with what you know'?

As we discover the different leadership styles, how to tap into them, our influence shifts from 'hit-&-miss' to consistent clarity. 

People will aspire to be like you, know WHY you do what you do, but not be exactly sure HOW you do it (until you help them unlock these secrets for themselves!).


Influence: Your Words Become Their Thoughts

This module is only useful if you are:
-Managing People
-Driving Innovation
-Parenting (esp. teens!)
-Resolving Conflict

This 3-stage strategy shifts the conversation from you saying "I want you to do (xyz)"  to them saying to you "I think I should do (xyz)". 

When you say it, they're being told.  When THEY say it, it's their idea and they'll own it.

This module is EPIC.

No disclaimer necessary!

Unlock The Question...  "Who Am I?"

SInce the Phonecian traders began exploring the world 4000 years ago, man has been united around the globe searching for the answer to this very question...
and YES, we've unlocked it.

The pathway to finding your inner truth and meaning is simultaneously the simplest and most difficult journey you may ever take. 

To answer this question, we will guide you through a paradigm shift of consciousness where you'll discover your true purpose.

Drawing The Innovation Out Of Others

A clumsy Naval engineer dropped a spring and had an idea for the $B Slinky...

A failed actor came up with the idea for the Beanie Baby (a toy that is  worth more than Hasbro and Mattel combined)...

An ad manager, tired of hearing his friends complain their pets, developed the Pet Rock, an idea that earnt him millions...

Your team have great ideas RIGHT now that will change your business...
 We'll show you how to spot that diamond in the rough.

The Ultimate Leverage: Grow Other Leaders

There's not a successful person on the planet that hasn't mastered the art of leverage.

Level 1 leverage is called  'Delegation', that is, having other people do your work for you.

Level 2 leverage is called 'Management', getting others to get others to do your work for you.

Leverage MASTERY  is where you develop the skills to grow other leaders, who in turn can grow other managers and leaders, extending your influence beyond where you ever thought possible.

What Our Clients Say


Discover for yourself why CEO's and Executives call Kamahl to drive their Leadership Skills and their Business... and why other business coaches come to him for coaching!

"Over 20 years in business never had I truly experienced a coach who was truly “All in” until I met Kamahl. Kamahl gives his absolute 100% and has the skills and knowledge to back it up. My life and company will never be the same again."

-Steve Krebs, Founding Director, 4U Media

"Through group sessions to one on ones, professional and personal life matters Kamahl has the wealth of knowledge, skills and commitment to help everyone become a better version of themselves. As a direct result of my time with Kamahl my work and personal life have developed exponentially for the better. He has been the most influential person I have met in my career."

-Gareth May, National Sales Manager, Trucks 4U

"Kamahl is such an inspirational and down to earth trainer. His systems are so easy to follow and even easier to apply (even for someone who already knows it all)."

-Catie Kirk, Art Your Life Founder

"An 'eternal' student in his thinking, Kamahl's example of life long learning whilst leading a highly successful business assisted me to gain insights and clarity leading to innovative solutions to traditional business challenges that I now provide to my own growing client list."

-Martin Longden, Team Leadership Coach | LeadingPOINT