The Powerful Speaker Experience

Watch our presenters, clients and crowds experience the impact of Speaker Masterclass


All-In, Immersive 2-Day Program

This is not a 'take notes' type of class.  You'll be presenting from minute #1, then layering new skills in our specially designed 'Learn, Implement, Feedback, Implement' loop.

Confidence, Poise & Voice Projection

Speaker Masterclass turns even the most fearful speaker into a confident presenter with presence, poise clarity.  You wont believe the transformation (with video proof!) that people experience doing this.

'Speaker Briefcase' Resource Toolkit

25 different speaker tools and how and when to use them to take the worlds most boring content and have your room hanging off every word.                          

The 5 Body Positions & 3 Stage Anchors That Engage

Don't just deliver content, tell a story.  You will learn exactly how and where to stand on stage (or in the boardroom) to have the biggest message impact.

'Training Room Of Success' Setup

Environment is everything when it comes to great presentations.  Our templates turn any training room into an effective & professional, learning environment.                         

4-MAT Structure For Engaging Presentations

Participants learn, step-by-step how to take the most boring content, and turn it into an emotionally engaging paradigm shift for participants.

Unlocking Participant Barriers

Learn the 3 Objections of a training room and how to handle them and learn to identify the most common archetypes (the Jester, Bully, Leader and Advocate), where they sit and how to use them to empower the room.

UnprecedentedResults  Guarantee

Yes, Guaranteed.
Our reputation is based on our success and we stand by our trainings 100%.
If, after participating fully in the entire program, any of your participants arent delivering the same content in a more confident and engaging way by the end of day 2, we'll refund their participation fee.*

Introduction To Selling From The Stage

Our 'Selling From The Stage: Masterclass' takes the foundations from Speaker Masterclass and morphs them into a powerful sales pitch. Including upsell sequences, we'll share some powerful tools from this 3-day intensive if your organisation is in sales.

What Our Clients Say


"I have had the great pleasure of experiencing Kamahl in his role as MC skills many times for the Melbourne Business Awards. I have experienced all sorts of MCs but never the level of quality that Kamahl offers. He is professional, funny, polite, very in tune with the room energy, kind and makes everybody feel great. He takes especially good care of people who might feel a bit nervous to be on stage. Absolutely the best I have ever seen"

-Nathalie Gevinti, Management Leadership Trainer, Unlimited Mindset Solutions

"Through group sessions to one on ones, professional and personal life matters he has the wealth of knowledge, skills and commitment to help everyone become a better version of them-selves. As a direct result of my time with Kamahl my work and personal life have developed exponentially for the better. He has been the most influential person I have met in my career."

-Gareth May, National Sales Manager, Trucks 4U

"Kamahl is such an inspirational and down to earth speaker. His systems are so easy to follow and even easier to apply (even for someone who already knows it all)."

-Catie Kirk, Art Your Life Founder

"Over 20 years in business never had I truly experienced a coach who was truly “All in” until I met Kamahl. Kamahl gives his absolute 100% and has the skills and knowledge to back it up. My life and company will never be the same again."

-Steve Krebs, Founding Director, 4U Media