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Over 90% of businesses owners think the key to success & profits is through growth. The reality is that growth doesn't just grow the great parts of your business, it grows the 'Tumors' as well. Utilising the 4 Pillars System systematically enhances the critical elements of your current environment, then, strategically expands each element for sustainable, long-term growth & profitability.
Pillar 1: Environment Of Excellence

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Pillar 2: Successful Systemisation

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Pillar 3: Active Implementation

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Pillar 4: Leaders Developing Leaders

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Who is barefoot business coaching for?

The following 'Compatibilty Rating' will show you exactly who the barefoot approach to business growth is for, and who it is not yet for. Add up your totals, if your business ranks at 80+, get in touch with us today to find out how we will help take your business from where it is, to where you want it to be. If your business falls under 80, email our team and we'll give you a checklist of "What to do next" to move you into the next phase of coaching.
Compatability Rating
  • Your business falls into one of these turnover ranges

    | $500k-$800k | $1m-$10m | $20m+ |

  • You currently dedicate time and resources to coaching and training in your business

    When learning and personal accountability is a habit, great changes take place

  • You are prepared to 'unlearn' and re-implement new strategies for sustainable growth

    We will challenge almost every element of your business and sales model to determine your essential elements.

  • your business has been operating for 5 years or more

    So you have already demonstrated the persistance needed to survive past the most difficult part of a businesses life cycle

What our clients say

Our Leadership Team

The Movers, The Shakers, And The Business Makers
Kamahl Barhoush
Kamahl Barhoush
Business Growth Expert
Literally born into business, Kamahl has developed a sixth sense of what companies need in order to lean up their expenses, hold massive value in their sales process and bring a company’s people and culture to never before experienced highs. Contact Kam today to see why 10 minutes with him is equivalent to around 50 hours of personal research and experience for most business owners.
Accountability Concierge
Heading up the team for the 21-Day Make It Rain Challenge, Ashley brings a solid background in copywriting, coaching and accountability leadership.
Digital Creative Genius
Tias looks after all things digital and creative and has a real eye for detail. She’s been a bit slack at work these last couple of months… probably has something to do with her new baby! Congratulations Ti…yay!!

business and sales masterclass events

Immersive trainings held throughout Australia and the USA. Investment amount is per person at an event we launch. For corporate enquiries, or to enrol 2 or more of your team members, click the enquiry form for or team pricing structure.

Sales Masterclass

2-Day Immersive Training Event


  • State Elicitation For The Ultimate Sales Expereince
  • Face-To-Face Reading & Rapport
  • Hypnotic Language Structure
  • Upsell, Upsell, Crosssell, Downsell Paradigm
  • The Only 3 Sales Objections & Active Handling
  • Overcoming The Sales 'Stall'
  • Tele-Sales Excellence (How One Of Our Clients Sold $200k Insurance Package In 2 Phone Calls And NO Face-2-Face Meetings)
  • Ultimate Presentation Platform - Format Your Presentations For Emotionally Engaged Clients
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Business Masterclass

5-Day Immersive Training Event

By Application POA

  • The Entire Sales Masterclass Experience
  • Business Optix: Reading The Hidden Gems in Your Business
  • Ultimate Systems: You Will Learn Our Ultimate Systems Format And Develop Your Own System LIVE In The Room
  • Business Prioritisation Critical Thinking Model: Learn How The Greatest Business Owners Think, How They Make Decisions And Implement Your Own Version LIVE In the Room
  • Motivating Your Team: The Ultimate Leadership Model. Develop Your Clear Pathway To Exit The Business As An Operator And Move Into Business OWNER Mode Once And For All
  • Ultimate Value Chain: The Pathway To Your Own Tribe Of Raving Fans
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Speaker Masterclass

2-Day Professional Speaker Training


  • Corporate Rates Available For In-house Training At Your Company
  • The 5 Speaker Stances For Visual Impact
  • Stage Presence & Anchoring To Move An Audience
  • Confidence, Poise, Clarity and Voice Projection Training
  • 4-Mat Template To Emotionally Connect Your Subject Matter With Any Audience
  • Future Pacing Training To Have Participants Buy Into Your Vision
  • Reading & Moving An Entire Room: The 7 Powers Of Persuasion
  • Training Room Template: Knowing Where Your Jesters, Bully's, Advocates & Opposers Will Seat Themselves & How To Handle Them
  • Back-End-Brilliance: The Art (& System) Of Hosting Speaking Events & Training Event Crew
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OUR GUARANTEE TO YOU: If after attending the first day of any Business Masterclass Event this is not the BEST training you have ever experienced we will refund you 100% of your investment; so all of the risk is on us.

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