Results: Power outcomes! Not Just results! Play in new window | DownloadWhat results can do to our confidence level? 0:24 How the purpose of our action changes the result 1:15 Connection between potential, beliefs, actions, and results 1:57 Building your beliefs 2:29 The reason why… Full Transcription – Click Here!  

Actions: Same action. Different Reactions! Play in new window | DownloadHow can we give purpose to our actions? 0:28 How belief systems and actions work with each other 0:51 Doing different things can lead to the same result 1:30 The purpose makes difference 2:11 Shifting the purpose of doing things Full Transcription – Click Here!

Belief: Strengthening Your Belief System for Leverage Results Play in new window | DownloadHow does belief system become the center? 0:38 How beliefs take effect on actions 1:36 Beliefs come into play 2:03 How to strengthen your belief system 2:55 Belief system can help you with your problems Full Transcription – Click Here!