3 Business Lessons Yoga Teaches Us

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From the desk of Kamahl Barhoush – Business Growth & Culture Expert:
3 Lessons in Business Success from this mornings Yoga Session
Yoga is so much more than bendy, sweaty, chanting, hippie sport…  It’s a powerful connector of mind and body and channels energy and focus like nothing I’ve ever experienced before (and I’ve done them all!)
Today’s 3 lessons in business success came to mind from nowhere… right in the midst of this mornings Hot Yoga class..
They are (in this specific order)
1. Environment Of Excellence:
Practising yoga in a cold, wet dungeon would be a very different experience to what happened today. When your environment is one of excellence… that is… condusive to a clear head space, warm, light, clean and functional, then the people in that environment will mimic its energy.
Messy desk, dirty floors and cables everywhere through the office versus clean, light, warm space with plants ambient music and open spaces…
One will create an energy of productivity and connection… the other creates stagnation, haziness and low output.
2. Every task begins with an intention.
At the start of our session, our Yogi instructs us to breath and set our intentions for this mornings session…
Perhaps its to move better, or overcome injury or maybe to gain mindfulness…
This was then re-iterated about 5 or 6 times through the session “Connect again to your intention”.
Are you trying to run your life and your business from a ‘To-Do’ list? The reason why its not completed each day (and why To-Do lists are a chronic depressant for about 90% of the population that use them), is because they’re just ‘jobs’ for you to do.
Instead of a to-do list, create action blocks (contact us to learn about our OPAP system), where every action point has the purpose right next to it.
For example, my ‘To-Do’ list doesn’t read “Submit tax report”…
It is part of a block I call “Ultimate Financial Freedom” and its written thus:
Task: “Submit tax report”
Purpose: “Maintain financial integrity and be clear on our financial position”
Makes doing my taxes a VERY different (and purposeful) experience.
3. Gratitude for everything.
The Yogi says “Thank you for your energy and contribution, now as you inhale, thank yourself and thank those around you for the energy they contributed to make this class so special… namaste” (Namaste translates to: I bow to the God within you – what an awesome gesture that connects to each other’s power)
In business, this is easy when things are going well – sign a new client “Woo hoo”… get some national media exposure “Oh wow, Im SOOO grateful”…
How about when problems come our way?
What then?
When the tax bill arrives, or the big deal just fell through or the (insert any number of issue you have faced here)…
Not only must we find gratitude in these problems…
We must do it in such a way and with such welcome as we would do for a $1,000,000 lotto win…
Because any time you have ever learn’t…
Any time you have ever grown…
Any time you have ever transformed into a better version of yourself than you were yesterday…
You have done it because you faced a tough problem or challenge, the likes of which you hadn’t seen before.
And it’s these massive problems that force us to grow into our next level of powerful self.
No problems… no growth.
Show gratitude…
When faced with massive challenges, I pause, breath and say out loud…
“I have no idea how I’m going to get through this problem… what I do know is that there is a way to deal with it powerfully, there is a way to make it win/win, I will find a way right now and when I do, I will grow to a new level of being. Thank you for this problem”

Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski describes the beauty of problems in this 90 second video

What might this attitude shift mean to you in your business?
What might it bring to your personal life?
For me, it was as life changing as my first Yoganidrasana will surely be!
Until next time…
P.S. This is a Yoganidrasana!

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