Knowing And Not Doing Is The Same As Not Knowing

Pillar #3: Implementation   From the desk of Kamahl Barhoush.   I have the privilege of spending many of my hours talking with other business coaches and mentors, great business minds and really disruptive thinkers (the 2015 business buzz word). We chat about all manner of ideas and concepts, things that have worked in their business[…]

Don’t Rely On People To Run Your Business. Ever.

Pillar #2: Successful Systems   From the desk of Kamahl Barhoush.   Ok, so anyone in the union movement, human rights, equality or sociological space are already offended by this post just from its header. People running successful, profitable, culture based businesses already understand this (either consciously or unconsciously) and their people are reaping the rewards.[…]

Don’t Ever Motivate Your Workers. Ever.

  From the desk of Kamahl Barhoush. In the ever quickening pace of the modern workplace, our workers seem to feel overloaded with responsibility, are stressed into underperformance and suffering from ‘presenteeism’ more and more. Essentially, they’re at work, but they’re really not at ‘work’. The interesting irony with this, is the fact that employers are[…]